About Us

Homescapes Europa Ltd manufactures imports and distributes quality home furnishings. We are a British Company having our own manufacturing units in India along with a series of associate manufacturers. We also have a joint venture in China. Our product range includes High grade Bedding, Rugs, Bath Mats, Door Mats, Hardwood Furniture and Nursery Textiles.

Homescapes is in the business of home furnishings for more than two decades with a worldwide customer base. Our customers include retail groups as well as importer distributors. We are also suppliers to the Hotel groups and contract furnishers. Our distribution centre is based in the West Midlands which services the customers in the UK and Europe.

Now, Homescapes products are directly available to the public and are available through the medium of online sales, mail order catalogue and also through the Homescapes warehouse showroom and outlet.  Hundreds of thousands of British households have experienced Homescapes products and many tens of thousands of customers have positively reviewed Homescapes performance on various online trading platforms as a result of our exceptional emphasis on quality of products and service.

The philosophy of Homescapes rests on Quality. Our aim is to provide you “Department Store Quality, Direct from the Manufacturer”.  We deal only in quality products and believe in quality of service and relationships. We sincerely believe that happy crew and happy suppliers lead to happy customers and eventually a healthy business.  We also whole heartedly believe in the importance of service and the so called “old fashioned good service” will never go out of fashion at Homescapes.

 Your ideas are always welcome and many of our products are a result of feedback from our customers. Homescapes also takes pride in being extremely responsive and we are just a phone call or an email away and love to interact with our customers.