Homescapes Factories

Homescapes has three factories in India and a trading JV operation in China.

North India (Soft Furnishings): Located about 60 miles north of New Delhi, this factory manufactures rugs, bath mats, throws and other soft furnishings. It has facilities of weaving, dyeing, tufting and stitching at its disposal and ensures that all Homescapes customers (retail and trade) are well looked after in the above categories. This factory has been a Walt Disney approved factory and has been very closely instrumental in designing and producing designs and products for well-known designers and brands worldwide including Calvin Kline, Ralph Lauren etc.

Western India (Furniture): In the deserts of western India is the beautiful city of Jodhpur, also known as “Blue City”. Homescapes hard wood furniture is all manufactured in their unit in Jodhpur. This unit has facility for carefully treating the wood, pre fabrication checks, actual wood working, polishing and packing of the furniture.  Due to the nature of the wood and furniture, most work is completed using hand tools by skilled craftsmen from families of traditional cabinet makers. Your custom made furniture is also manufactured in this factory under the close watchful supervision of specialists and the factory director.

Southern India (Bedding & Kitchen Textiles): Surrounded with fields our south Indian factory is located in most picturesque locale. In the state of Tamil Nadu, this unit converts the processed fabrics into bedding and kitchen textiles. One of the world’s best handloom fabrics come from this region.  The conditions of this area are also most suitable for spinning cotton yarn, no wonder one of the best cotton fabrics (spun using Egyptian or American cotton fibre) are produced in this part of the world. This unit is currently also produces for many reputable brands and designers worldwide.

Associate Factories

Homescapes has associate factories in various production centres in India. These factories are fully vetted and controlled by Homescapes and work as per the quality standards maintained by Homescapes. Most of our associates are working with us for years and have complete understanding of our customers’ requirements and standards. Homescapes constantly adds to their team of associate factories in order to expand the production base and to offer our customers the latest product developments. These factories are located in various manufacturing centres in India like Jodhpur, Ludhiana and Varanasi etc. We welcome new factories to contact us to be our associates, if their profile and philosophy matches ours and they believe equally in the importance of quality of products and service.

China JV

 We have a trading JV with one of the largest producers of down and feather materials and products. The factory, based in Hangzhou, is ISO 9000 accredited and is also OEKO TEX certified. The company occupies 40000 SQ Meters of area with a work force close to a thousand. Description: There are the following facilities in the factory.

01. Feather and Down, automatic washing lines
02. Feather and down separators
03. 600 Stitching machines
04. Computerised quilting machines

The factory Produces for respected brands , retailers and hotels  worldwide the following products :

01. Feather and down filled pillows and duvets
02. High Grade Micro fibre pillows and duvets
03. Mattress toppers
04. Feather Beds
05. Mattress protectors
06. Sheets sets