Service to Retailers

Multiple Retailers

We are suppliers to numerous multiple retail groups and catalogue companies in the UK. Our customer base in the US, EU and the Far East is mostly serviced by large distributors. However, some retail groups in these countries also buy directly from us.

We propose novel concepts to the buyers and work with them to make the product a commercial success including innovative packaging ideas and point of sale material etc. Most of the customers buy in their own private labels. By and large, bulk orders are serviced
directly to the customers warehouse. We are, however, also geared to hold stocks and serve them from our warehouse in the UK.

We offer the following service to these volume customers:

01. Direct Container Delivery with Full Trade Terms: We import on behalf of our customers and deliver the containers directly to their warehouse, offering them trade terms and take accountability of the quality and delivery of the merchandise. This service is available only to the UK customers. For the US customers, we can offer DDP (delivery duty paid) terms and also offer credit line (subject to account opening). For EU customers, they shall have to custom clear themselves for VAT reasons, however, we do offer trade terms (subject to account opening).

02. FOB/CIF Terms: We also offer FOB and CIF terms from both India and China to our customers who prefer to import themselves. Most of the distributors we work with prefer this route, some of our retail customers also prefer to be importers themselves.

03. Buying and Inspection Agency: With a very strong presence in India and a significant network in China, we offer the service of buying and inspection agency to customers. This includes proposing products on the basis of their brief, negotiating the best prices on their behalf from various vendors, inspecting and controlling the quality and consolidating smaller shipments into containers for a timely delivery. This service works best if the buyer is looking to buy smaller quantity from many suppliers as it saves them from talking to and controlling multiple points of supply. We offer this service even for the products that are beyond our trading domain and is purely meant to take the pain out of international trade for retailers and distributors.


Smaller Independent Retailers

For smaller independent retailers, we have two options to offer:

1. Buying from our stocks in the UK : We hold a very large inventory and could possibly serve you from the  stocks in the UK.  Please contact us with your requirement for further details.

2. Offering mixed containers direct from the factory: If you are a furniture retailer, it might make sense to buy full or part containers which will be made and shipped against your order helping you to save a substantial cost. Please contact us for more information.